Training - Week 14 (the end of training)

Well. All that’s left is the two marathons. And today I can say I’m as fast as I was during my fastest period, May 2015-April 2016. I had all of my most impressive races during that period, then my stomach fought me, then my legs gave out, then my back gave out, then I got a facial fracture, then my back got hurt again and then I finally started to feel better this May and have improved to my old speed and strength through this well-managed summer of training.

Today, I ran the Bronx 10 miler in 1:00:51, 7 seconds faster than my best, 2015. I never felt bad or ill, and when I wanted to speed up I did. I never felt it in my lungs or stomach, just my legs, where I should feel it.

Didn’t lead the team, but that’s okay. The only person I’m chasing is my best racing self, one who didn’t know his time would be brief. I took my speed for granted back then, and ran unsustainably, nearly 9 miles a day for nearly two years. Now I eat better, drink less, sleep more, stretch more. I’m still older, so all these changes didn’t make me even faster. But my endurance and speed are back to their best.

No more posts in this series. Just marathon 1 on Oct 13th and marathon 2 on Nov 4th. Hoping beyond hope for good weather like today.

Miles this week: 44.39

Miles in September: 264.17

Miles in training (since June 19th): 945.21

Miles in 2018 (why not): 2110.49

Miles until the finish line of marathon 2: 184

(I’ll get to 2500 for the year)


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