Training - Week 11

What a big, unwieldy sweaty mess this was, but it's all downhill from here. The hay is now in the barn. The next three Sundays are for fine tuning, then one week relax, then marathon 1, followed by one week to work out kinks at Blue Line, one week relax, marathon 2, sleep/meditation/weightlifting/yoga/dranks. :)

This week started with my favorite run, where I ran down to the Navy Yard, then back and forth over the East River bridges, Manhattan to Willimsburg, follow the marathon route to the Queensboro and up 1st ave to 102nd, Randall's and lower half of the Triboro then home.

Readers, I overdid that one. 

Didn't bring water (I'll find fountains, he said). Just drank gatorade and had chews. I was really blazing it for the first 18 or so. But the run started at 730 and it was already 80 degrees so... yeah I basically couldn't move the rest of the day. But seriously, I have the tune-up and a final 20 (this time in CP where I know there is water). It'll be fine.

For Hellgaters: when I ran my three best marathons in six weeks, I ran all my long runs real slow. I was so naive. And it worked out because I was still green and just full of energy (and, uh, untreated anxiety but nevermind that!). So there's no reason I needed to run in the mid-7s the whole run (long runs I run a minute per mile off MP with some burtsts of MP). I am dumb. Staggered home and couldn't really eat all day because I was sick. Yeah, water is useful. Don't be like me.

It was fun though, seeing lots of areas. I hadn't done this run since 2015 and I missed it.

Anyway. So I took it easy and ran indoors the next day (since it was still so hot, hard to remember today!), went to do bridge repeats Weds and they went very well. Took it easy on my 10 miler thurs (I was very mad at the heat by this point), and finally mostly took it easy this weekend, with an energizing 13 yesterday surrounded by two easy/indoor 7s.

But I did finally hit 80 for a week (though really just because my long run was Monday).

Next up: Tune-up next week. Hoping to get to near my best time from 2015, but at least beat my time from 2014, which is more or less my goal for the Bronx and my marathons - shoot to break PRs of 2015, but otherwise be happy beating solid times from 2014.

Miles for week: 80.36

Miles in training: 775.24. Fewer than 400 to go!


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