Neptune Notes 1/22/19

Sorry I’m not writing about much else. I’m not training for any races right now (that’ll start in mid february I figure) and I’m still off from school soooo that’s really it.

  1. There is a family in our building with a puppy almost exactly the same age as ours. I see every other dog in our building either in the early morning or the evening when I take Neptune out. I have never seen this dog. I suspect they’re following the super strict guidelines their breeder gave them - breeders are like that, ours was - and following the letter of the law rather than the spirit. That poor dog has probably never been outside and is going to be terrified when they take him out.

  2. They say a puppy is truly all-consuming and he really is. It certainly would have been easier to adopt an older dog and skip all this training stuff. Easier financially, too. But I mean, that’s probably true human babies too - we could just pick them up once the diaper stuff is done and it’s easy! There’s a joy in the struggle, though. It’s made parts of our lives much more difficult, but overall he’s a sweet little boy who is mostly just loud when he’s confused or bored or scared. And I can relate to that.

  3. I have learned how to carry him in one arm and do many things in the other, including using the bathroom, picking up things, taking out garbage, and, best, way back the first week, cleaning his own waste off of him in the sink while he tried to escape.

  4. He looks a lot bigger than he is because he’s got really long hair. We’ll get it cut someday after his shots are done and he’s all set to run around in a few weeks. I wonder what he’ll look like.

  5. He doesn’t get cold easily. He does get hot easily. I think summer is going to be a lot harder for him than the winter has been.

  6. He loves peanut butter and yogurt, so, again, he is basically me as a child.

  7. Most people react positively when he runs up to them. A lady cursed at me last night. That was a first. But I didn’t like when random dogs came up to me before I had one. I wouldn’t go so far as cursing though.


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