Neptune Notes, 1/9/19

Hey, look at that date, that’s cool. Last time we will see that in our lifetimes (month/day/year as such).

Anyway. Neptune trains easily, he knows how to sit and to lay down. He is very good with the bathroom with rare accidents, and he sleeps through the whole night most nights.

But he barks a lot.

Now, look, he’s three months old.

Everything we’ve said suggests this is normal. He barks for attention or if he’s confused, so he’s basically me, except we can’t understand him. (It’s just as annoying to Alissa when I do it.)

There probably isn’t much we can do about it. We asked the vet, he said it was normal unless he was barking whenever he saw a person. But he literally only barks at us when he wants something. When he sees other people he just runs to them happily becuase he’s Such A Good Little Boy And We Love Him.

We crate him to force him to rest (he needs rest but he will just keep running around if we don’t put him to bed). Sometimes he barks when we do that, and we give him a treat (he likes peanut butter, but doesn’t always digest it well, and yogurt, which isn’t a problem). Or we give hi a chew toy. But sometimes he just barks.

It’s only really an issue because it’s hard to get anything done when he’s going at it. But ultimately, he really is a well-behaved little boy. Our neighors complained once - but really, he makes the most noise at about 7 pm, and never at all after 9, so it should be okay.

We’re getting close to being able to take him to puppy training and finish his shots (so he can really go outside for more than brief periods). By February, he’ll be a calm and happy boy. But until then, he’ll be a ball of energy and that’s okay.


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