Neptune Notes 3/16/19

I haven’t written one of these in a while.

  1. He’s really big now. I never realized how much growing dogs do before they’re a year old. Humans, we develop so damn slowly, man.

  2. He’s learning really fast. Yeah, still an occasional accident or overnight wakeup but for his age (5 months), he’s learning a lot.

  3. There’s another puppy in our building that’s basically the same age, and that dog is what would happen if we weren’t planning as much. We are probably overdoing it to raise this dog right, but it’s so easy to end up with a poorly trained dog.

  4. I was always a little uncomfortable with dogs. I wasn’t scared exactly, but I wasn’t comfortable. And I realize it’s because I always knew poorly trained dogs. I imagine I’d feel the same way about children if I only knew poorly behaved ones, because I really like well-behaved kids and I struggle with others.

  5. He has basically dominated our lives for three months. I want to get to where he’s just a loyal friend and not, like, kind of a whiny baby, but I know once this time ends we’ll miss it. He’s a really warm and sweet boy, he just can’t self-regulate yet. He’ll get there soon. And then hopefully we’ll have years of joy.

  6. I can’t wait until it’s warm every day and we can spend the whole day outside (when he’s not sleeping). Aside from running, I sometimes don’t sit outside on nice days and I feel like the days are wasted (again, aside from running). But that time is over.


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