Smart Running

Ran a strong 10k today. 37:49, three seconds off my PR. Third on my team, continuing a strong performance among our runners, so that’s cool.

I was really consistent, and we didn’t have any large swings. Almost entirely even 5k splits.

Most importantly, I’m running with a much clearer head. I’m using my whole brain for the running and not for any anxious worries. It would be nice if this meant I was at my absolute fastest and not merely “running very well and doing well in other aspects of life,” but maybe I had to be a little off kilter to do what I was doing from mid-2015 to mid-2016. I dunno.

I’m happy with how I’m running these days. I need to work on my endurance for Brooklyn (these next two saturday long runs are going to be crucial), but my speed is strong. Winter wasn’t a wash, and heading into spring/summer running feeling good.


Justin Gerald

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