Brooklyn 2019

My streak of “better than the previous year” race results has ended after 6 races (Team Champs, Bronx, Marathon, Corbitt, Gridiron, Wash Heights, Healthy Kidney).

That’s disappointing. But it was hot at the end of this race. I need to anticipate sunny spots and… well I haven’t really figured out what to DO about them yet. Maybe wear a hat. What part of me overheats? My face? Arms? This I will have to test.

Overall, though, good race. Faster 10k-15k than 5k-10k, so I picked the speed back up after the hills and ran strong until the sun got me. And I actually only slowed down to a 7:00/mile pace while throwing up, so that’s pretty fast.

Wish I’d hit my top goals but I am in good - but not my very best - shape. And after 2017 and early 2018 were rough, I have had a full year of consistent training and performance, and that’s good to feel.


Justin Gerald

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