Some 2019 Emmy Nominations Reactions

Here are some shows I have seen, dislike, and got a lot of nominations:

Game of Thrones

GoT was always bad. Fight me. Hopefully people realize now that it ended terribly. Whatever.

Here are some shows I have checked out, don’t personally enjoy, but, like Mad Men, see why people love them and so, good for them for having good showings:

Killing Eve


Good Place

Here are some shows I am indifferent towards that did well but aren’t necessarily huge among people I speak to, so, you know, whatever:

This Is Us

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Schitts Creek

Here are some shows I’ve seen several seasons of that I very much enjoy and again did well:


Better Call Saul


Some new shows that did very well:

Russian Doll


Here are some performers who I’ve long enjoyed and am happy for their continued support:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (the biggest lock ever? Last season? Great performance? Literally about to win 7/7 times and set a record not to be broken for perfect winning percentage?)

Tony Hale

Jonathan Banks

Bob Odenkirk

Giancarlo Esposito

Bill Hader

Henry Winkler

Some first-nomination folks:

Joey King

Anthony Carrigan

Sarah Goldberg

Some snubs:

Aw, man, give the Good Fight some love, eh?

Why can’t they remember Kim Wexler ever?

And then there’s When They See Us.

When They See Us got a total of 16 nominations , and 8 of the performers were nominated. From the very opening sequence of this show I felt a deep internal unease and strain, in a good and compelling way. I enjoyed it greatly but even I was truly unable to watch more than one a day.

They obviously can’t all win, and knowing the Emmys they’ll give the Limited Series award to Chernobyl because prestige or something. But I hope at least one person from this show wins during the telecast to speak on everything it meant to so many people, and especially to men of color. No matter what happens, it will always exist and I am grateful for this.


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