Neptune Notes 9/23/19

  1. Neptune will be a year old next month. I remember the day we brought him back, he was so confused and scared and he was shaking and he wouldn’t eat. AND THEN HE IMMEDIATELY PEED EVERYWHERE.

  2. Neptune has always been scared of stairs. We don’t have stairs in our home - we live in an apartment and we are not Succession characters - but occasionally we come across a stair or two, and he has resisted using them. Yesterday, we were at my sister-in-law’s house, which is an actual house, and at one point I went upstairs to use the bathroom. He stared at me from the bottom of the stairs. When I came out, he was right there next to me! What?!! And then, we were about to miss the train to head back to NYC, and it turns out we had just a minute to catch it, so we had to go down one flight of stairs, and back up another. If it had been any day before yesterday, we would have missed the train, but he ran right alongside us and saved us 30 minutes sitting around the station. What a good boy.

  3. He misbehaves, like all dogs. He acts out and he whines (though he rarely barks). But overall he is growing into a well-behaved dog and there is something to be said for the fact that most of the time there is nothing on earth he gets more excited for than to see one or both of us at the end of a long day.

  4. He still needs to learn not to eat random pieces of chicken and paper (!??!) off the ground. That mess is nasty.

  5. I think he’ll do well when the baby comes. I hope he’s not too jealous. He does well with our nephew, though he gets a little whiny when the two of us embrace. I guess we’ll see. He has shown remarkable ability to adjust.

  6. There’s another dog in our building that I worry about. They never really trained that dog correctly and I think they hit him for misbehaving. I always was a bit uncomfortable around dogs as a kid, and I realize now that most dogs are just REALLY poorly trained and are only acting according to what they’ve been taught. It is an INSANE amount of work to make a puppy grow into a happy, healthy dog, especially in a city, and most folks aren’t prepared. We weren’t! But I think we’re doing it.


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